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Vertical Turning Centres

Goodway GV-500

A compact CNC Vertical Turning centre with either a 12 or 15" hydraulic chuck. The machine is optionally available in a twin chuck, twin tool turret configuration with auto loading/unlaoding and part flippinf device for high volume production.

Goodway GV-780

A compact CNC Vertical Turning Centre with either a 15 or 18" hydraulic chuck. The machine is available with a live tooling turret, and an automatic work piece balance analyzer.

Goodway GV-1000

A series of CNC Vertical Turning Centres with a 1000mm swing and chuck sizes from 15 to 32". A 2-step gearbox provides 30 kW of output power with 3,138 N-m of torque. Available with a 12 postion tool turret, Live tooling/C-axis as an option.

Goodway GV-1

A series of CNC Vertical Lathes with table sizes to 1600mm. The machines feature heavy duty meehanite cast iron construction, a solid forged steel ram, automatic toolchangers and a milling option. The crossrail can be programmed to 5 pre-set positions for workpiece size flexibility.

Goodway Super GV

A series of large, heavy duty Vertical Turning Centres with table sizes from 2000 to 8000mm and moveable cross rails. Available with C-axis, live tooling and grinding capability.