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Horizontal Boring Mills

Awea BL Series

A series of CNC Horizontal Boring Mills with either telescopic spindle, or traveling ram both with 600mm travel. X travels from 2000 to 4000mm and Y travels of 1800 or 2400mm. Equipped with a full CNC Rotary table, with either 1300 or 1700mm linear travel. 

Awea MB Series

A series of small Table Type CNC Horizontal Borong Mills with 1250 x 1150mm tables, and X travels of 1500mm or 2000mm. Spindle size is 110mm, with speeds up to 3200 RPM.

TBT-160 Horizontal Boring Mill

A series of 160mm spindle T-Type CNC Boring Mills, with X/Y/Z travels up to 5000/3000/2700mm, and spindle travel of 800mm. The spindle is equipped with a 2-speed gearbox with up to 3500 RPM. A full rotary table, either 2000 x 2000mm or 2000 x 2500mm, has a weight capacity up to 25,000 Kilograms.